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At Medtronic, our Clinical Studies professionals perform many trial-related functions, including collecting and analyzing data, training investigators, recruiting and enrolling subjects, and maintaining records. Their important work helps us demonstrate the positive impact our therapies have on people’s lives, as well as the economic benefit. At any one time, we have over 200 clinical trials underway worldwide.
We're actively involved in shaping the industry and transforming technologies so physicians have what they need to help their patients move forward with life.

Our vision requires bold leaders. If you want a career that is challenging, energizing, and rewarding, we hope you'll consider joining us as we push the boundaries of medical technology. Investigate jobs in Clinical Studies.
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Job Title Location Date
BiostatisticianNorthridge, CA10/20/2014
Prin Clinical Research SpecMounds View, MN10/17/2014
Director Medical AffairsNorthridge, CA10/14/2014
Biopharma Clinical Program ManagerMounds View, MN10/07/2014
Sr Clinical Quality Compliance SpecialistMounds View, MN10/07/2014
Sr Medical Safety SpecialistFridley, MN10/07/2014
Sr Clinical Research SpecFridley, MN10/02/2014
Clinical Research Spec CoreValveMounds View, MN09/30/2014
Project AnalystFridley, MN09/25/2014
Sr. Project AnalystFridley, MN09/25/2014
Manager Clinical AffairsLouisville, CO09/19/2014
Sr Clinical Quality Compliance SpecMounds View, MN09/09/2014
Clinical Research Monitor(CRA)Los Angeles, CA09/09/2014
CVG Clinical Account Leader Greater NY MetroNew York, NY09/05/2014
Sr Prin StatisticianFridley, MN09/03/2014
Medical Advisor Medical SafetyFridley, MN08/29/2014
Principal Medical Safety SpecialistFridley, MN08/27/2014
Sr Clinical Research SpecSanta Rosa, CA08/26/2014
Sr Clinical Data SpecialistFridley, MN08/25/2014
CER Program SpecialistMounds View, MN08/05/2014
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We are aware of job postings being made by people who claim to be recruiters for Medtronic, even using Medtronic employee names, but who are in no way affiliated with Medtronic. These job postings are fraudulent.

Beware of recruiters that ask candidates to submit unusual personal information like bank statements or utility bills, pay a fee in order to be considered for a job, or pay “start-up expenses” after being hired. Medtronic does not require candidates to make any type of payment to them as part of the recruitment process or job offer. The Federal Trade Commission, the United States’ consumer protection agency, has online resources for detecting job scams.

Positions posted on the Careers site are legitimate. If you find a Medtronic posting on a site other than our careers site, verify its legitimacy before applying by visiting and searching for the requisition number.

If you think you have responded to a fraudulent job posting or been a victim of this scam, you are encouraged to report it to your local law enforcement and to the Internet Crime Complaint Center for further investigation.

If you have further questions, please call (800) 328-2518.


Medtronic employees play a role in changing what it means to live with chronic disease. We're creating technologies that treat chronic disease in new ways so people can live better, longer. Medtronic is actively involved in shaping the industry and transforming technologies so physicians have what they need to help their patients move forward with life.

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